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Photo Gallery             

Gallery Documentation
The Gallery has several photo and video options:


  • Virtual Tour contains seventeen 360 degree panoramic photos.  Select "Full Screen" for the best quality.  The photos will rotate automatically when launched but you also have manual control with your mouse to zoom in and out and control rotation.


  • Palace Place Video is a You Tube version that has three resolution options.  When you start the video, it defaults to the best quality resolution,  720p (HD).  However if you have a slow internet connection or an older computer, you may find that the video plays jerky or slow.  If this happens, choose a lower resolution (360p or 480p) by gliding your mouse over 720p at the bottom right of the player to display the other quality options.


  • Palace Place Photos is an internal static photo album. To view these photos, scroll down slightly until the full photo displays, then click "Next Photo" to view all photos.


  • Full Screen Slide Show is a growing collection of photos of our property taken over the years. (Note: if your browser is Chrome, F11 to toggle in and out of full screen)



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